Hello and welcome to VInfo Help, a small computer company operated and manned by Edward Privorotsky.
The modern computer and Internet technologies, and especially free software movement, greatly facilitate all the tasks, required in business operation. Currently even a small business or a farm needs to have an Internet site and an internal computer network to function effectively.
Using my experience and expertize in different fields of information technologies I help small businesses to get an optimal and cost effective complete computer and Internet solutions.

The optimal solution approach - don't hurry to buy new equipment!

Optimal Solution The computer technology develops fast. Each year we get a new generation of PCs, servers, hubs etc. The question is, does the small (and even large) business really have to follow the fashion? On my experience, the simple software change can return to life even an old junk Pentium II computer (free of charge), making it a perfect file/printer server and saving about $10,000, that are really important for the owner.

Sometimes frequent software failures, slow Internet, slow computer force people to buy a new system in hope, that it will not fail soon, spending thousands of dollars.
Using an optimization approach, a small hardware upgrade plus a change of an operating system can bring fast and stable relieaf just for $50 or even less.

The most important is that by optimization we reduce our garbage footprint and demand on the quantity of new computers. Thus improving indirectly our (and others) quality of life now and in the future.

Some Examples

A real estate office was planning to change their eight "old" Pentium 4 computers and buy a new file server. They asked me to advise on what to buy. They were ready to spent several thousends and throw their old computers to junk. I advised to not buy anything. Four memory upgrades, change to Ubuntu Linux, wireline networking and an old computer, converted to a server, solved all the problems just for $300.

Coop du Grand Orme was hesitating to install an Internet Cafe counter, fearing to compromise it's internal network security (actually already badly compromised by improper security settings on the personal computers). The solution from Videotron advised them to install another modem for $80 a month. I installed just one Linux IPcop firewall server (of course an old computer), securely splitting the network, for $50 single payment altogether, solving all the security problems and allowing to attract new visitors to Cafe.

A nursery had to abandon it's static web site since it didn't bring clients and drained $20 a month. I advised them to use a shared web server for free, and helped to design a web site, based on a free software shopping cart, that they can easily change and update themselves. All was done without any compromise in the current web site name or speed.

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